Requirements for Saudi Visit/Residence Visa Endorsement :

Passports(Old & New), valid for atleast 6 months,
3 Colour photos of 6 x 4 CMs size with white background,
Online Visa,
Proof of Iqamah expiry or Cancellation, if stayed in Saudi Arabia earlier on permanent visa,
Final Exit Visa, if on permanent visa in Saudi,
Copy of Marriage Certificate,
Copies of Children's Birth Certificates,
Sponsor's Saudi Phone number,
Medical Report from Saudi panel doctor, with Children's Polio Certificates for residence visa,
Sponsor's Passport & Iqama copies

Notes :

Please contact us with copies of all above to get MOFA number.
Please go for medical with Passport(Original), Photos, copy of Visa and MOFA number.

Requirements & Notes Last updated on 26th Jul 2015.