Requirements for Saudi Visit/Residence Visa Endorsement :

Passports, valid for atleast 6 months,
3 Colour photos of 6 x 4 CMs size with white background,
Online Visa,
Copy of Marriage Certificate (Original for Delhi visas),
Copies of Children's Birth Certificates (Originals for Delhi visas),
Saudi Address with Phone number,
Medical Report from Saudi panel doctor for residence visa
Sponsor's Passport & Iqama copies

Notes :

Please contact us with copies of all above to get MOFA number from Mumbai.
With MOFA number, you will have to go for medical.

Requirements for Saudi Attestation on Degrees :

Degree with HRD attestation with a copy.
Letter from Company addressed to Saudi Embassy, New Delhi, requesting them to attest the Degree.
      Letter should be attested by Saudi Chamber of Commerce & Foreign Ministry, and should mention Post, Salary & Iqamah details.

            - - - OR - - -

Agreement Contract or Job offer letter attested by Chamber of Commerce and Foreign Ministry of Saudi Arabia
     mentioning Passport Number & date of issue.
Copies of Passport and Visa.
Colour Copy of Iqamah.
Copies of Marks Memos of Degree, SSC and Intermediate.
An Affidavit on Rs 10/- Stamp paper duly signed and notarized.

Requirements & Notes Last updated on 11th MAR 2014.